Cooking Tips

Kitchen shopping made easy

Shopping online is fun but can also be a bit tiring if you keep looking for things but can’t find the right place to buy what you want. Well let... [Read more]

How did you learn to cook?

Many of my friends often say ” I´m not as good at cooking as you are”. And I always say: Everybody can cook. Because I truly believe it´s... [Read more]

Perfect for my cup!

I came across a very smart invention surfing through some blogs.Cupcoats! ??? Yes Cupcoats! Cupcoats are an eco-chic alternative to the cardboard sleeves... [Read more]

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Travel to brazil

Planning a trip to Brazil

Are you dreaming about traveling to Brazil? Perhaps you have already bought your flight tickets and are planning your Brazil trip? Here are some tips that... [Read more]

What will the food be like?

What will the food be like? That is a normal and very common question when you go abroad. But strange as it seems it´s never anything that has worried... [Read more]

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Fried cheese balls

My mother in law gives me lots of fresh cheese every month. We rarely eat it all so I use it when I cook instead.Today I had an urge to make cheese balls and so I did. it turned out wonderfully! It’s extremely easy to make and a prefect snack. Don’ mind the calories though *lol*   Fried cheeseballs (makes 20) 2½ cup grated fresh white... [Read more]

Parents fast food

“Mom make rice pudding” “Mom make pizza” “Mom make..” and the list goes on. Rice pudding is something my son has started to ask for a lot lately. The first time he asked my immediate thought was: “I can’t make rice pudding just like that, it takes time to make rice pudding” Well my son is very demanding... [Read more]

Do you want a cookie with that?

Talking about coffee I have to ask: Do you want a cookie with that? I like to eat something sweet when I drink my afternoon coffee so a little cookie or a piece of cake is never wrong. I don’t make cookies very often actually. I make lots of cakes but not cookies. It’s quicker to make a cake than cookies I think. I really like chocolate chip cookies... [Read more]

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